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Business leaders want change, and they want HR and Rewards professionals with not only the intellectual and strategic capability to envision a different role, but also the managerial courage to step out, lead, and enact the new role.

Too often Human Resources has become unhinged from value. Your people are very familiar with the alphabet soup of labor regulations, among them ADA, ADEA, COBRA, EEOC, EGTRRA, FMLA, FLSA, HIPPA, OASDI, OSHA, PBGC, PCAOB, QDRO and of course the ever-popular Every Ridiculous Idea Since Adam. These are serious regulatory issues requiring deep technical expertise. Too often compliance and administartive ease becomes the driving force of rewards and talent programs.  Leadership frustration grows when HR creates more and more rules to be enforced. Compliance does not create a competitive advantage.

We can help get HR activities connected to the business. It all starts with the mindset that HR is there to solve problems and be connected to the business.

Our three day workshop 'The Quest for HR Value' we will provide the roadmap to get your people focused on VALUE in their work, and equip them to challenge the legacy beliefs and traditions of HR from within the HR organization.

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