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HR Value, LLC is delivering innovative software solutions for our clients with tools that are fast, powerful and simple to use. We build powerful reporting, analytics and planning tools; easily manage data and documents; and incorporate workflow with custom menus to deliver “click of the mouse” ease. We automate the repetitive, time intensive tasks and take the hours, effort and errors out of the process.

Current Projects:

demoSales Report Generator

Current News:

HR Southwest Conference in Dallas

October 11 - 12, 2010

69th Annual HR Southwest Conference.  Thanks to all of you who visited our booth!

Recent Events:

HR Technology Conference in Chicago

September 29 - 30, 2010

demoThanks for stopping by our booth and giving us time to demonstrate some examples and power of our innovations.  Congratulations to the winner of our Conference iPad Giveaway.

Designed for:

  • Companies large or small that use Microsoft Office applications for administrative tasks.
  • Companies large or small that are looking to provide their managers with tools to better manage their budget.

Software Solutions

We have been showing companies how they can have the most powerful set of customized, on-demand tools that your CEO and Managers will find indispensible in running and planning the business. The most complex Reward modeling, planning and budgeting can be carried out by managers exactly to their specifications, with no need to purchase additional software. We automate the repetitive, time intensive tasks and take the hours and effort out of the administration of process, and create time for making better talent and business decisions. We eliminate the need for expensive system modifications or purchasing additional software or hardware. We help clients achieve a competitive advantage with innovative reward and software solutions.

Let us show you how you can have a rewards system as easy to use and infinitely flexible as your Excel spreadsheet. It is already on your desktop, and can be developed at a cost that is a fraction of alternatives. We don't give you a new system, we make your system better.

Workflow Automation

Data Audits and Cleanup: administrative staff in practically every company spends a considerable amount of time manually checking data for accuracy. We can automate this process using predefined rules and logic to perform the same task and reduce the processing time to a matter of seconds!

Automated Report Generation:  compiling reports for management can often become very time consuming and stressful when minimal time is given. We automate compiling of reports to exact specifications pulling from multiple data sources. All of this done by the click of a button and processed in seconds!

Compensation and Benefits Planning Tools:  we create the most advanced tools for planning such as Salary Planning, Incentive (Long Term and Short Term) Planning, as well as Electronic Signature Award Agreements.

Data Mining and Web scraping:  we give you the ability to pull data from multiple websites and combine them for a complete data source.